Viltstad @ Flandersshop Brussels

New Viltstad stockist in the heart of Brussels! Flandersshop, lokated at Grasmarkt 61 (area Grand Place) now sells Viltstad infinity scarfs (regular ànd small version).

flandersshop viltstad 2.jpg

Guess what, they're selling our brand new collection infinity scarfs for men & women :)

And infinty scarf small, for kids from the age of 1, as well.

flandersshop viltstad cirkelsjaals.jpgflandersshop viltstad kindercirkelsjaals.jpg

The Flandersshop offers you a new look on your Souvenir from Flanders. Check it out...

flandersshop viltstad.jpgfoto 3.jpg

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